Meet Owner, Freya!

Hi, I’m Freya!

I have always had a huge interest in fashion.
It all started when I was 16, sewing purses and bags out of vintage leather jackets and selling them at markets, alongside my hand made label ‘Pardon My French.’ 
I hand produced wacky bright clothing, sewn at home on my Mum’s sewing machine.

I then started designing and producing oversees in Bali and wholesaling to stores across WA. 

From here, years later, I started an online store called ‘The Wildfire Tribe’ stocking Australian Women’s labels, jewellery, and accessories (including one of my besties Lunar Sea Designs! This is how we met)
After travelling to Vietnam I fell in love again with the search for trinkets, vintage and antiques! I bought home vintage jewellery, bags, and tapestries to sell on my website.
Some time later my friend Kaila contacted me (previous owner of Sunflower) to say the business is for sale! My love of vintage was raging at this time so I jumped on the opportunity!
2 years have passed and through this time I’ve concentrated on building the brand and aesthetic to my vision... 60’s and 70’s pieces, creating content with great photographers (Olivia Tester is my go to woman) and stocking some hand picked labels alongside curated vintage to compliment the pieces!
Currently stocking ‘Whiskey Rebellion’ which is an amazing handmade label from Lennox Head. Also ‘Top Knot Goods’ a rad T-shirt company from Miami Beach! I’ll be adding some other hand picked labels slowly over time that suit the aesthetic!
I’ll be doing some more blog posts with interviews, sneak peaks into my office, and photo shoots!
Thanks for being on this journey with me!
Love Freya xx


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  • Hey Freya, love your blog posts! You have so much wisdom when it comes to fashion & self expression. You are pure inspiration! ✨

  • Beautiful ❤❤❤❤

    Freya cheffers

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