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Sneak Peak Into My Office & Home Life

I live in a beautiful small community down the South West of Western Australia called Margaret River.
I live with my partner, a gorgeous house mate and our pups.
I have a cosy home office that catches the afternoon sun! Somewhere for me to work on Sunflower Seed Vintage, update the website, sew, get inspired, get creative and pack all your orders! I always start my office day by lighting a candle or some incense and putting on some awesome music to step me into that creative mood!!

I have a big collection of vintage and accessories! My favourite things right now are sunglasses and hats. My jewellery collection is a little out of control but I love the waves we go through through fashion. Depending on our moods or occasions or what’s influencing us!
I LOVE getting dressed up, accessorising and stepping out the door!
Putting on a special outfit every day helps me express who I am and how I’m feeling... makes me feel strong!
My current style is a little bit of every era, a bit of tom-boy meets ocean mermaid!
I hope you enjoyed this little insight into Sunflower and my personal life.


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