Tabby of Whiskey Rebellion

Tell me a little about yourself and how your label started...


My names Tabby. Im from the South Coast of NSW. I'm one of 6 siblings 5 girls and 1 boy and I am also a twin which, I think is the coolest thing ever. Being one of 6 was awesome. We are all so different and growing up I felt I really had an opportunity to express myself, especially since our mother is such a creative. If she decides she wants to learn something she will practise it and ace it and then move onto her next venture. I always wanted to be separate from the crowd and she let me embrace that. 


She taught me how to sew when I was quite young, maybe 9 or 10 and from there I would pick it up every now and then just for fun or just to make a cute skirt or bandeau or headscarf that I had seen in a magazine but could never afford to buy. Cut to about 20 years later I started Whiskey Rebellion. And the same rule applied here, I really wanted people to have an exciting and fun piece of clothing to put on that didn't break the budget.


I would also say I took the leap to start Whiskey for a couple of reasons. I wanted to wear things that I just couldn't find anywhere, not for an affordable price anyway at the same time I was feeling a little lost and bored, I needed something to focus on, I took some time to visit Mum and get creative and together we whipped up a bunch of bells from some crazy fabrics, after that an Instagram, and shortly after that a website. It was just want I needed to reset and give myself purpose again. 


What are your favourite fabrics to work with?


Vintage fabric forever. If you can find vintage fabric that has been loved just enough to be worn in and soft but is still vibrant it is a dream to work with.


What has drawn you to the fashion industry?

I'd like to say it was growing up in a house full of girls but actually I was such a tom boy and I think I still am. 

Fashion is such an awesome way of expressing yourself and I truly think that is what has brought me here.


What do you love about designing and producing your own clothing label and who would you love to see wearing your pieces?


I love the freedom of it. Always coming up with new ideas for pieces and drawing inspiration from everything around me but ALWAYS the 60s and 70s I never want to stray too far from that aesthetic. 

There's not one particular person I'd love to see in Whiskey I just love the thought of anyone who appreciates vintage styles, fabrics and small production happy in my pieces.



Model - Belle Orton Photography - Alisha Tinsley


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